From the overly-saturated entertainment capital of Los Angeles, CA, Brittney Westover swims effortlessly through the sea of indie artists with her brand of soulful vintage pop. Brittney’s music combines the nostalgic, familiar quality of classic Brill Building songwriters of the 1960’s with a modern approach that feels fresh, original, and authentic.  Fans describe her as “the millennial Carole King” and her shimmery soprano vocal timbre as “Jenny Lewis meets Regina Spektor.”
            Brittney fell in love with 60’s girl groups while listening to her parents’ 45’s as a child. In 2008, she formed a throwback girl group of her own with The Damselles& the TC4. The Damselles released their first, self-titled EP on pink vinyl in 2010, with a music video to accompany each of the four songs on the record. “The Damselles” was followed by “Know How to Party,” the group’s first full length album, in 2013.
            Brittney’s experience singing in choirs and collaborating to write three-part harmonies with the Damselles is what inspired her to write the lush vocal arrangements heard on her debut EP, “The Reward.” Although the title track of Brittney’s first release as a solo artist contains the familiar girl-group subject of a real-life relationship that inexplicably dissolved, the majority of the songs are written about the true love that came into Brittney’s life after that experience. “They are dedicated to my fiancĂ©, Mike Escamillo, who engineered, mixed, and co-produced the album with me,” says Brittney. “I am truly blessed to have found my perfect match, a lifelong partner in love and music.”
            “The Reward” is set to be released in the summer of 2016. After that, Brittney plans to continue to make music that people love.  She muses, “I’d like to challenge myself to continue to evolve my songwriting and production techniques. I’d also love to try my hand at teaming up with Mike Escamillo to produce new, up and coming artists together in our home studio. The goal is to release at least one album of new material per year. The only way to grow as an artist is to take risks, work with new people, and try things I haven’t done before.” So stay tuned for future music releases from this classic hitmaker!


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