Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Check One, Two.....

Is this thing on?? 

 Hello out there! I'm Brittney and this is my first time here. I'm new to this whole, blogging thing. In fact, this is the first time I've had a real website of my own, aside from social networking sites and my YouTube page. But I think it's about Dam time. I've been working my tail off playing music in various projects for years now, and I just had a recent epiphany. You see, it occurred to me that although I've been working hard at promoting my projects on my personal Facebook page, a better way to connect with friends and fans on a more personal level would be to start a blog! I mean, duh, right? Why didn't I figure this out years ago? I read and enjoy my friends' blogs. One of my bands even has a blogspot of its own, but since I didn't take part in the creation of it, I didn't realize how easy it is to create one! I thought you had to be web-design savvy and know lots of different types of code in order to create a web page, but I guess that's kind of a nineties thing. Code is SO passé. These days, ANYONE can create a website! Well, that's good for me, because I've got all kinds of fun things to blog about now! For starters, you can check out the pages listed on the right. If you want any more info on any of my projects, feel free to ask!
   I have a show coming up this Wednesday, November 16th (tomorrow night!) at Roman Holiday Wine Lounge in Valencia, CA. It's gonna be awesome. 
     In the first set, I will be trading off songs and collaborating with my gorgeous and tremendously talented boyfriend, Mike Escamillo. We will be playing a hodgepodge of covers and originals, solos and duets. I will be kicking off the evening with a tribute song to my favorite singer, the late Jeff Buckley, whose 45th birthday would have been on November 17th of this year. 
     The second set is the Richie West Band's West Coast Debut! Featuring the singing talents of actor/comedian John Ennis (Mr. Show, the Warm-Up Guy, The Thrilling Adventure Hour), the rock-your-sox-off guitar talents of Adam Kurtz (the Damselles & the TC4), the choir of angels will be produced by Kevin Milner's pedal steel, the twinkling stars on a clear night on the prairie will be provided by Mike Escamillo's piano, and I'll just be there to round out some sweet vocal harmonies and add a little rhythm on my jingle-jangle tambourine. The first set starts at 8pm and the second starts at 9. We are so excited to finally get to perform in our home state of California. I know the announcement for this show came out a little late, and Santa Clarita might be too far for most of you Angelenos and out-of-towners, so if you can't make it to this one, I'll be sure to keep you posted as to when and where our next show will be, and I promise to give you more notice next time! Also, we are blessed to have the creative film-making genius of Mr. Nick Weidner on board for this show, so perhaps he will be kind enough to edit together a video of some of the show's best moments for your future viewing pleasure. 
     My 60s girl group, the Damselles & the TC4,  have a couple upcoming shows, as well. We have a show December 1st at Harvard and Stone in Los Feliz, and we will be playing two sets at Roman Holiday Wine Lounge in Valencia on December 14th. The Damselles have decided to limit our public engagements this holiday season because we are getting ready to go back into the studio beginning in December, to start recording a whole new batch of groovetastic hits! So be sure to catch one of our last shows of 2011!
     Well, that's all for now. I got so carried away in the writing of this blog that I am missing my Zumba class at LA Fitness right now. Sad face for Brittney. :( I guess I'll have to watch some trashy daytime tv on the elliptical machine instead today. And then, after a proper shower, it's back to the lab to practice my solo songs. The Richie West Band will be meeting up for a refreshing libation at the Red Lion in Silverlake tonight at 9, and then walking next door to the Hit Joint at 10 to practice our set for tomorrow night. If you're in the area, feel free to poke your head in for a listen! 
     Thanks for reading my very first blog. If you have any tips, pointers, suggestions, information, etc for me, please feel free to email me at brittneywestover@gmail.com. Or leave a comment. I appreciate all constructive feedback. Have a fantastic mid-November day!

Love & Grace,


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