Monday, July 18, 2016

Release of "The Reward EP" and upcoming shows!

Hi Friends!

     As many of you are aware, my EP, "The Reward," was officially released on July 12th! Here's some press written by my good friend, Kevin Bronson, of BuzzbandsLA:

We celebrated with a successful performance at the Satellite in Silverlake! Thank you to all who were able to attend. If you missed it, I have a couple more performances coming up that I would like to make you aware of.
    First, if you are a local Santa Clarita Valley resident, you can catch me at the LA SummerFEST Singer/Songwriter concert at Rivendale, which is a cool outdoor venue in the mouth of Towsley Canyon. The address is: 24675 The Old Road Santa ClaritaCA.  The performance is Saturday, August 13th, and it's FREE!!!! More info here:

    For my LA friends, I will be performing at the Silverlake Lounge on August 26th. This concert is put on by Afton Shows. It's my first time booking with them, and the way that it works is, the earlier you buy your tickets, the less you have to pay. For example, if you wait until the day of the show to buy your ticket at the door, you pay $14. Presale tickets are only $11. But if you buy your ticket before July 27th with this Promo Code: BRITTNEY245, you can get your tickets for just $9! Click on the following link to buy your ticket today:

    If you haven't scored yourself a copy of my EP yet, you can even add it to your cart as you are paying for your ticket to my show at the Silverlake Lounge! How convenient! I will also have hard copies of the cd available for purchase at all my live shows. 

    If you can't make it to either of these performances, but you can't wait to buy the EP, you can purchase it here: (or your favorite digital music store; it's available pretty much everywhere now!) 

    Thank you all so much for listening to my music! I really appreciate your support! Keep it coming! If you like my music, tell a friend! Like my Facebook page:

    Take care of yourselves, and each other!

See you soon!

Love & Grace,


Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Summer Announcements

Hello, my Dearies!

    I have a couple of new developments I'm super excited to share with you! First, I got a bit of press sharing my experience working as a backup singer in a great article written by Suzanne Raga of

Click here to read the full article: 9 Behind-the-Scenes Secrets of Backup Singers

    But my BIG announcement is that I finally have a release date for my first original Solo EP, "The Reward!" I will be celebrating with a Record Release Show on Tuesday, July 12th, at the Satellite! MARK YOUR CALENDARS!!!

 And if you haven't done so already, claim your FREE "Reward" by watching my music video for my current single and clicking the "Free Download" Button at the end! YOU DESERVE IT!

Thanks for keeping up with me, friends! I can't wait to see you on July 12th! 


Love & Grace,


Saturday, May 21, 2016

Hi Folks!

     Just a little update for you. My Spring Break Tour was absolutely magnificent. Here are a couple of pics from my show at Pies & Pints in Seattle, WA, with my dear friends, Helen Chance and Jef Shocki!

Lots has happened in the last album was officially MASTERED by Will Borza of Double Hook Records. It sounds warm and supple and ready to envelop you in its intimate sensuality. Actually, my words don't do it justice, so I'll let my good friend, Rian Souleles give you his take on it: 

     "Many songs that we love might feel familiar to us when we first hear them, but in fact are original. This musical déjà vu builds an immediate trust of the artist's voice, and allows us to relate to universal musical qualities. This is obvious when reading the comments section of unofficial YouTube videos for many American popular songs of the last 75 years—as I do frequently amid late night Internet rabbit hole sessions. As you read these threads, it's clear people relate to these nostalgic sentiments and use them as time machines for their own lives. 

     Brittney Westover has spent her entire life absorbing songs and the musical signifiers that make up the lingua franca of vintage popular music. It's been her environment from the beginning, and through this absorption, she has developed an intuitive understanding of how songs are constructed and operate. Brittney is able to use this mastery to create universal pop songs. Unlike the vast majority of music generated today, her songs are memorable, way after they end and the next song begins. These songs manifest ear worms that swim into your nervous system, building homes in the mind's ear. 

     All of the songs on "The Reward" refer to love and romance. Love's ultimate relatable nature is the de facto theme of most classic popular songs. Like many great love songs, Brittney's lyrics eschew the abstract, and instead are direct, conveying intimacy, in conversational third person, towards a lover, or an ex, in the case of the opening song, "The Reward," which more specifically refers to love's antithesis, heartbreak, and the disillusionment it creates following a relationship ghosting. "The Reward" features doo-wop girl group vocals, spring reverb, Enchantment Under The Sea—prom guitar stabs on the two and four, and a carousel piano line. 

     According to the timeframe, in the next track, "To Give You My Love," the previous heartbreak is mended and transcended by true love, and is commemorated with a surprise cameo duet with her beloved. The song highlights the importance of intent in the game of love, that's acknowledged in the following song, "Make Things Grow." There, Brittney explores the loving symbiosis that was absent with the ghost player in "The Reward." 

     The contentment established in the previous songs create a bed for the pure gospel song, "Safe With Me," to bundle up in. The song conveys tenderness without being twee or saccharine. With its four blue chords and church organ gargles, it soothes and consoles with an earnest authenticity. It's as affective as J. Spaceman's pure gospel explorations on Spiritualized albums. I've heard a rumor that the song was written for Brittney's dog, which changes the initial connotation slightly, but not really, and carries on a long tradition of songwriters penning loosely coded love songs for their pets.  

     The last two songs, "Dream Come True" and "Don't Doubt," highlight Brit's modern influences. Listening to the intro to this waltz, I immediately thought of Kate Bush and Tori Amos, though the climax of the song is all Brittney, allowing her to exercise her inner diva, with Mariah whistle tones in Brit's upper register. The string arrangement on the last track aches, swells, and descends reminiscent of Sigur Rós and Radiohead. The strings are drenched with just the right amount of reverb to induce shivers. There's universality in Brittney's love songs, and someday, I'm pretty sure the comments section of Brittney's future YouTube videos will be festooned with their own nostalgia."

-Rian Souleles
(Check out his review of Father John Misty's I Love You, Honeybear on Pop Press International) 

     So now all that's left to do is find a venue for my Record Release Party this summer! I have put a few calls out and I am waiting to hear back from a few places in LA. I promise I will let you all know when I decide where it will be. 
     In the meantime, Mike and I are going to check out a potential wedding venue today. It's a lighthouse on an ocean bluff! Check it out: It looks absolutely gorgeous. Hopefully they have some dates available for next summer. We'll let you know if it works out for us. 

     After that, we will be returning to LA to play a show in Valley Village!  It's at a church, but it's BYOB, which is pretty cool! Thanks to Dylan Vaughn for making this sweet flyer!

The address is Faith Presbyterian Church 5000 Colfax Ave Valley Village, CA 91601. Thanks to my friend and colleague, Kevin Story, for booking it!The show starts at 7:30. We hope to see some familiar faces there! Til next time, take care of yourselves, and each other. 

Monday, April 4, 2016

Music Video! Tour! EP Release! Oh, My!

Hi there, Frans!

     I'm updating this blog from the beautiful Bay city of San Francisco, CA! This is my first stop on my mini Pacific Northwest Tour/Spring Break Road Trip! I have a week off from work, and Mike has some vacation time saved up, so we decided to take this opportunity to visit friends and family up the coast and play some music along the way. Our first stop is the Open Mic Night at Hotel Utah:

I've heard great things about this place from my cousin, Devan. She and her boyfriend, Brian are generously allowing us to crash with them at their luxurious 1905 San Francisco pad, which is just steps away from Haight & Ashbury and Golden Gate Park! I'm excited to get out there in the sunshine and soak in the cool bay breeze!

Tomorrow morning, we will be driving straight to Portland, to stay with my cousin, Gilian, and her wife, Bernice, for a day or two. No shows booked there yet, but I have my keyboard and equipment just in case something pops up! 

Thursday, we will arrive in Seattle, where we will be among many close friends and family members.   My dear friend, Helen Chance has lined up a show for us to play together, along with our friend, Jef Shocki, at a joint called "Pies N' Pints." My good buddy, DJ Rian Souleles will be spinning all the jams between sets. This is the Seattle collaboration I've been dreaming of for years now, and I'm so excited it's finally coming to fruition! The beautiful and talented singer & composer, Miss Kaley Lane Eaton, is putting Mike & I up in her apartment for a couple of days, and we are so grateful for her hospitality. Take note of these names...all of my Seattle friends are uniquely talented musicians and songwriters who deserve a ton of recognition.  We are hoping to spend time with Mike's sister, Jennifer, her husband, Richard, and our nephew, the adorable Philip, while in town, as well. We are blessed to know so many great people in this gorgeous region of the Pacific northwest. 

On the way back, we plan to stop and see some friends in Sacramento. We will be staying with my dear friend, Ernestine Ballisi, and will hopefully run into our friends, the O'Sheas (Cara & Jimmy, with kids James, Graeson, & Delilah). We haven't seen this beautiful family in at least 5 years, and it will be our first time meeting little Delilah.  

We will be sure to post updates and pictures along the way, but first, take a look at my BRAND NEW MUSIC VIDEO for my single, "The Reward!!!" Watch it all the way through for a chance to get a free download of the song! Feel free to share, because we all know that sharing is caring! So spread the word about my new EP, titled, "The Reward," coming May 1st! Stay tuned for news on how to pre-order your copy! And now, enjoy "The Reward" (the music video)!

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Summer's Almost Gone

Hello Again, My Friends!

      As summer draws near to a close, I am proud of the accomplishments I have made. I finished recording all the tracks on my upcoming EP, and had my single professionally mastered by my friend, Will Borza of Sony. Have a listen!

    The single will soon be accompanied by a music video that I directed, which was shot by my brother, Dustin Westover, starring myself and the devastatingly handsome and talented, Mike Escamillo. Be on the lookout for "The Reward" music video in the month of September!
    My show at the Rep in Newhall on July 30th was a great success, largely due to my talented bandmates: Mike Escamillo on keyboard, Jesse Fletcher on guitar, Chris Wakelin on drums, Blake Collins on bass, and my lovely friends Jillinda Palmer and Stormie Cueto singing backup vocals. I was so excited and thankful to see so many beautiful, smiling faces show up to watch my show and hear my music. Thanks again to everyone who made it out to downtown Newhall that night. Live video recordings are still to come, but for now, here are a few photos, taken by people in the audience that night:

Here is the beautiful flyer for the show, created by my good friend, the talented artist, photographer, and graphic designer, Kay Kelman (

Yes, the summer is ending, and a brand new and exciting year of teaching high school music is upon me, but my work here has just begun. As the music video wraps and the album is being mixed and mastered, I am planning my official Brittney Westover "Anything is Possible" EP Release Party! I'm still deciding on a date and venue, but I promise to update you as soon as it is decided! In the meantime, come see me and Mike perform at a Tribute to TV Theme Songs Night at the Satellite in Silverlake this coming Tuesday, August 18th! We will be performing classic cartoon and drama theme songs from the 80s, 90s, and today! Don't miss it! The fun begins at 8:30pm.

Enjoy what's left of the summer! I'll be at an SCVi Staff Retreat in Big Bear this weekend, hopefully escaping the brutal end of summer LA heatwave! Stay cool, my friends!

Love & Grace,


(Here's a pic of me & my love in Washington state at the beginning of summer. Cheers!)

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Back in the Saddle

   Greetings, Friends & Family, New & Old!

    I realize it's been quite awhile since I last posted....there is a reason for that! One year ago, I graduated from Longy School of Music of Bard College, earning my Master of Arts in Teaching  degree and Single Subject Teaching Credential in Music. Around the same time, I got hired as a full-time Music teacher at SCVi Charter School in Castaic and moved from Pasadena back to Canyon Country to be closer to my new job. Building a brand new high school Music Program proved to be a very demanding and time-consuming endeavor. From August 'til June, I poured every ounce of creative energy and every spare second into my job as a music educator. I'm very proud of the many accomplishments and learning experiences I garnered throughout the school year, but now that it's summer and I've got a little extra time on my hands, it's time to get back to creating my own music.
     I'm very happy to announce that I am 3/4 of the way through the recording process of my very first EP as a solo artist. The 6-song record, tentatively titled, "Anything is Possible," was recorded, mixed, and mastered by my true love, Mike Escamillo, and produced by Mike and yours truly. I would venture to say that the songs are a good representation of my many diverse influences and eclectic experiences as both a musician and a scholar of music. One song is an obvious 60s girl group doo-wop throwback, while another is more of a country gospel lullaby. Several songs don't really quite fit into a clearly-marked genre box, and that's what I like about them. It may be hard to define me as an artist, but I revel in the complexity and take pride in the fact that I come from a diverse musical background and have an appreciation of music of all styles and eras. Three of my songs feature lush background vocal harmonies and three feature stunning string quartet arrangements. The recording process has been quite unconventional, as well, and features a little help from several good friends of mine, including Brian McLaughlin on drums, Dave "Mustang" Lang on upright bass, Blake Collins on electric bass, and Jake Gideon on guitar.
     The album will be finished by the end of July, and I will be having a record release party in Los Angeles in August (date & venue TBD). For my local Santa Clarita friends and family, I will be having a sneak preview performance on Thursday, July 30th, at the Repertory East Playhouse (aka "the Rep"; 24266 Main St., Newhall, CA 91321) at 8pm.
   I just wrapped a photo session for album art with my good friend, Karla Kelman, and will be starting production on a music video for my single, "The Reward," with the aid of my talented brother, Dustin Westover, next week. Stay tuned for these and other promotional materials, as well as info on how to get a free digital download code when the album comes out!

    Thanks again for keeping up with me. I can't wait to share my music with you! Here is a little sample:

   Now imagine this song with a full band and a string quartet! I hope you like it!

Love & Grace,


Saturday, November 2, 2013

A Thankful Time of Year

Hi Everyone!

   It just occurred to me that I haven't updated my blog in awhile. As a matter of fact, my last entry was in February, and a lot has changed since then.
    The Damselles & the TC4 finally released our much anticipated, first full length LP on August 6th, 2013, entitled, "Know How to Party." You can buy the digital album or a limited edition cd here:

Here is our awesome album cover art, photography & design by the great Sterling Andrews:

The release of the Richie West Band's first album, Last Two-Step in Texas, has been delayed due to lack of funds. It's 90% done being mixed, but we are still trying to save up for the mastering process. As most of you know, we started a kickstarter campaign in 2011 so that we could bring the band and a film crew back to my family reunion in Childress, Texas, to play my dad's songs for his relatives and visit his grave. I am very grateful to those who donated to our trip, and I am determined to fulfill your rewards, even if it takes me the rest of my life.
      For those of you who are unaware of the Richie West Band, it is a country band I put together in order to honor the songs written by my late father. Here is a link to our kickstarter page, where you can find out more about the back story:

It's really important to me to get my dad's music into the world.
If you or anyone you know is interested in donating to the completion of this monumental tribute album to the songwriting talents of my father, the late Richard E. Westover, or Richie West, I am accepting donations of any size through Paypal. You may find me by my email address, which is 

In the meantime, while we are finishing up mixing the album and saving the funds for mastering, the Richie West Band has been performing every month in John Ennis's Country Western Show at the Trepany House!  Here is a video from our show on June 6th, 2013:
It just so happens that we are having another show tomorrow, November 3rd, at 8pm! Here is the flyer for that show. We sincerely hope you can make it! If not, we host John Ennis's Country Western show the first Sunday of every month, so please join us on December 1st for our Country Christmas Show!

Last month was a very special time for me. I celebrated the turn of my third decade here on Planet Earth, and I had a show to celebrate. Here is a video clip of me performing a song I wrote called, "To Give You My Love," at my 30th birthday show at the Trepany House (courtesy of my nephew, E-Stro):

    I also started a new Master's program this summer. Some of you know that I had started Boston University's Online Distance Program last year to try and earn my Master's degree in Music Education. Well, I wasn't exactly getting what I needed out of the program, so I quit that one and joined a different program in July, 2013. I am very proud to be a part of Longy School of Music of Bard College's MAT (Master of Arts in Teaching) and Teacher Credentialing Program. I am a member of the second cohort of students to join this very new program, but I have to say that I am extremely excited and privileged to be a part of it. Our campus is at the Heart of Los Angeles (HOLA) in the Rampart district, and since our school has a partnership with the LA Phil, we get to mentor and teach the Youth Orchestra of Los Angeles (YOLA). YOLA at HOLA is an El Sistema nucleo. El Sistema is a program created in Venezuela by Dr. Jose Antonio Abreu to stimulate social change through music. LA Phil conductor, Gustavo Dudamel, went through this program, and now endorses YOLA at HOLA. Here is more info about Longy/Bard's MAT program:

I feel really fortunate to be associated with the MAT students in my cohort. They are all amazingly talented and compassionate individuals who are excellent musicians and very competent and dedicated teachers. We are currently rehearsing for an MAT Chamber Orchestra concert together, for which I wrote an arrangement of the Italian aria, "O Mio Babbino Caro," from the opera, Gianni Schicchi, by Giacomo Puccini. Here is a recording of me singing my arrangement of the aria with the MAT orchestra:

And that should bring us up to date with what has been going on in my life in the last 9 months since I updated this thing! One new development in my personal life: Mike and I adopted a new dog last month. We found him roaming the streets of Pasadena with no tags, no collar, and no microchip. When no one responded to our Found Dog flyers, we brought him to the Pasadena Humane society, who put him in their online database. After a week of no one coming forth, we legally adopted him and named him Buster. Luckily, Buster gets along really well with our other 2 dogs, Pepper and Marley. We are very happy to welcome him into the Wescamillo clan! 

    Thanks for keeping up with me, people! I hope you enjoy some of the media I have provided! If you like anything you have heard or watched, please feel free to drop me a line! I always love to hear your input. I hope to see you at tomorrow night's Country Western show! Message me to get the password for 2 for 1 tickets! 

Until next time, be good to each other, and yourselves. 

Love & Grace,